Our 30th Anniversary
Kỷ Niệm 30 Năm Thnh Hn
(Nov.1980 / Nov.2010)

To celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, our children, Thu/her husband and Nicole have arranged a warm and cozy family dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Morton Grove, Illinois, about 20 minute drive west from downtown Chicago. There were about 30 people present at the dinner. All are very close friends and family members.

30 years ago, we were young
and now, not much different!

Front and inside of the invitation card.

Front and back of the menu.
Each table has 3 menus and each has different photo on the front side.


That's Nicole - She's the one who designed the cards.

A delicious cake.

The wedding cake (1980)

The "honey kiss" of 1,000,000th

The wedding party ... in November 20, 2010:
Phan, Tuyết, KimDung, Đế, Mỹ, Tr

The wedding party in November 29, 1980:
Loan, Tuyết, Lụa, KimDung, Đế, Mỹ, Phan, Văn
Thy (flower girl), Tr (ring bearer).

A small souvenir for everyone to take home after dinner.

We had a great time

Thanks to Thu/Francis and Nicole.
Friends and Relatives.


Kim-Dung and De Thanh Ngo