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As usual, our family would take a summer vacation together in August of every year. Last year, we went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for 1 week and had lots of fun and relaxation. This year, we chose Jamaica as our new destination and went there for a whole week from August 11 to August 18 and of course … have lots more fun than before. Why? Because of all nine of us were there. That means all members of our small Ngo Family were taking vacation together. Whoa … that’s really really fun.

We left Chicago O’Hare Airport early on Thursday August 11 and landed at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica at 10:45AM. (Sangster Airport is the leading tourism gateway to the island of Jamaica).It was quite hot and humid. The temperature is in the upper 80's, but … that’s ok. We feel like being home in Vietnam.

After checking in with immigration, we get on a hotel shuttle that was waiting to take us to the hotel. The drive took almost 2 hours through downtown Montego Bay, through country side, shanty town, up and down the mountain, by the ocean and finally … to Riu Palace Resorts. While checking in , we were offered some tropical drinks. We can also order beer, wine, rum or other mix drinks if we preferred ... Wow, perfect for a ... vacation!

Our hotel room is a little humid but quite cool with ceiling fan and air conditioning on in full blast. It has 2 queen size beds with all necessities and .... a mini bar!! There I found few litter size bottles of Vodka, Jamaican Rum (Jamaica is famous for their rum and Blue Mountain coffee)... Also some bottles of Red Stripe, a local brewed beer. It could be heaven for ... a drinker (None of us can drink hard liquor like such).After dropping off luggage in our rooms, we went down to the cafeteria for our first Jamaican lunch. It's already 2pm so we didn't have a big meal but a few glasses of red wine, beer and salad. After lunch, we grab some bath towels, beers, mix drinks, and ... to the beach we go!

Ya mon!

Jamaica, No Problem!

At O'Hare Airport, Chicago

Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica

"Phượng", Mexican-Bird-of-Paradise flower.

Jamaica (Part 2)

Jamaica, no problem!
Ya mon!