Fall Vacation
Sandals Whitehouse

October 5-12, 2014

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Life is good and ... short. We try to enjoy it the best we can.

This vacation was the second one that we took this year. In April, we went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, to relax under the Caribbean sun for a week and this time we decided to enjoy an other week in Jamaica at Sandals Whitehouse.

It was a great vacation. The temperature there was cool in early morning and late afternoon but became very warm from around 10:00am to 3:00pm. Sandals Resorts took care of us very well. There were 7 different restaurants for us to dine with no reservation required. All we had to do is dress up and go to any restaurant that we prefer and enjoy their service. We visited Bluefield Beach Club Restaurant twice for lobster and a very special Jamaican "Oxtail" dinners. The ladies did not want to try the oxtail at all but we did. It tasted like Vietnamese "bò kho". Not bad at all. There were also 5 bars located here and there within a short walk so you could get your favorite drink at any time. We had so many mix drinks that ... we could not keep track of them. My brother and I had quite a few shots of 12 year old Appleton Rum, a very famous rum made locally in Jamaica by Appleton Estate. Beside the rum, "Baily on ice" is my preferred drinks. My wife loved the "Mojito" from Bayside Beach Bar.

We also enjoyed kayaking, water boarding and sailing. The best of all was laying under straw hut listening to the sound of the waves and to ... forget everything.

We enjoyed so much at Sandals that we decided to joint their club. We shall be back.

 Life is good!
Jamaica - No problem!

Over Montego Bay area, Jamaica

Arrived at Sangster Int. Airport, Jamaica.

Life is GOOD!

At Bluefield Beach Club
(Serving traditional Jamaican  specialties)

view from our room (Rm. 1411)

Kim-Dung bought a Jamaican hat

After dinner, we relaxed on outside bed listening to the waves ...

Breakfast at Eleanor Restaurant

Garden in front of main lobby

'Mai Chiếu Thủy' flower

Vietnamese cone hat ... as street lamp shade

Jamaica's Sandals Goddess (?)

Jamaica traditional dress

Jamaica National Fruit: Ackee.

Jamaica National Flower:
Lignum Vitae (Tree of Life)
The Lignum Vitae is the national flower of Jamaica and it is indigenous to Jamaica. People outside of Jamaica did not know about this flower until plants were taken from Jamaica to England in 1793 by Captain William Bligh. One of the earliest local growers of the tree was Dr Thomas Clarke who introduced it to the eastern parishes in 1778.

Jamaica National Bird:
The Streamer Tailed Humming Bird (or Doctor Bird)

Jamaica National Tree: The Blue Mahoe

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