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Our Trip to Vietnam - 2018, Mar 1-11

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Incheong Airport, Seoul, S. Korea

Arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Saigon, Friday, 3/2/2018

View from immigration area, passport check in

First dinner at Chi Tien 's house in Saigon (Fri 3-2-2018)

Khoa, Lợi, Đế, nh, Tin, Tiếu, Tiếng, Tướng, Ngọc

Eel & frog in coconut milk at 9Ngoc's house (Sat 3-3-2018)

Đức Mỹ church (Sun 3-4-2018)

Kiều, Mỹ, nh

D t Mi

In front of Bến C Restaurant

At Anh Tieng's house in Đa-Lộc, Tr Vinh (Sunday, 3-4-2018)

Visit chị Ba Thơ (Duc My)

D t B

Ngọc-Thy's house in Đức Mỹ

9Ngọc's bonsai garden

Forgot how to ride the scooter

Chi Tien get ready for Bnh-Xo

Linh, Khu's wife

A bonsai in the form of waterfall.

** Tuesday, 3-6-2018 on the way back to Saigon to pickup Dung and Thuy at Tan Son Nhat Airport **

Have lunch at "Mekong Rest Stop" in Bến Tre

Cổ Chin Bridge accross Sng Hậu river

Dinner at Ngoc's house

1..2..3.. cheer

Bi Xan Church

Visited the tomb of mother and father

My brother, Ng Thi Dương's tomb

Dừa Đỏ market

Sorry ducky!

"Rolling escargot" (c bưu)

Mỹ & Thũy riding motorcycle

Giổ M, Wed. 3-7-2018

Ut Anh, Ngoc, Tuong, My, De, Tien, Tieng

and with their spouses

and with their children & grand children.

Five daughters in law of the Ngo's Family.

Tam Quan coconut

Congee with .. bat, what? "bat".

In front of Thien Nghi silk store in Tra Vinh

clean up crew

Sm-Bổ-Lượng vendor in Travinh market at night.

9 Ngoc's garden in front of his house

KimDung had a ride on Thuy's scooter.

Ut Anh's old house

Kimquot on left side of 9Ngoc's house

Vi, Diễm, Quỳnh, Thy & Ngọc

** Back to Saigon. Thursday 3-8-2018 **

Bến Tre

Fighting coqs (g ni)