Our Vacation in Europe
November 06-13, 2019

[1-Barcelona] [2-Madrid] [3-Fatima] [4-Lisbon] [5-Valencia] [6-Barcelona]

Driving distance from Fatima to Lisbon is about 80 miles (130km).

Statue of Marques de Pombal

"Museu de Teatro Romano"
(Museum of the Roman Theater)
The museum beautifully recreates the theater, which was built in the  first century BC by Emperor Augustus
and expanded in 57 AD with a capacity for 5000 people. It was abandoned in the Middle Ages and disappeared
underground until Lisbon's post-earthquake reconstruction in the 18th century. The museum features a smattering of columns and other finds, including a sculpture of Silenus and an inscription dedicating the theater to Nero.

Castle of Sao Jorge (Saint George's Castle)

St. George Castle was built in 5th century by the Visigoths as a fort. Later it was transformed into a Moorish castle and served as a Moorish royal residence until 1147 when the royal family of king Alfonso Henriques moved in. The castle earned its name of St. George Castle when it was captured by king Alfonso Henriques as dedicated to the patron saint of England in commemoration of the Anglo Portuguese pact, which was made in 1371

"Commerce Square"
The Triumphant-arch was built to commemorate the  city’s reconstruction after
the devastation of the 1755 earthquake, a quake that levelled much of the city.

Excellent Portuguese beer in "bottom up" glass. Look good, taste ... great.
( Mời anh em... 1, 2, 3 dô )

Dinner in the Commerce Square

Driving through Lisbon...

Santa Luzia lookout

Tuk-Tuk in Portugal! Giống xe lam ở Việt Nam.

On Tejo bridge to Valencia.

The statue of "Cristo Rei" (Christ the King).
The giant statue in cement was erected in May 17-1959 to express gratitude because the Portuguese were spared the effects of World War II. It was inspired by the "Christ the Redeemer" statue of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.